How Anyone Can Get the $100 Mint Mobile Referral Credit [Max $60 Cost, $40+ Profit]

Mint Mobile $100 Referral Bonus

From now until August 24, 2021, Mint Mobile is offering a $100 referral credit to anyone who convinces a friend to switch to Mint from Verizon or AT&T. Here’s how anyone can get that credit.

It may cost about $60, but that still works out to a $40 profit for just clicking around some online. And there may be ways to reduce that cost and/or get some bonus value out of this deal. More on that below.

Earning the $100 Mint Mobile Referral Credit

The basic process is simple.

  1. Sign up for a cheap Verizon Prepaid plan.
  2. Port that number to Mint Mobile.
  3. Profit.

Start With a New Verizon Line

The first key is to minimize the cost of the Verizon plan. The cheapest option right now costs $35 (plus a few bucks in fees) for unlimited talk and text but no data. Not bad, but we can do better.

If we sign up for Verizon through TopCashBack, we’ll get $30 back. Sweet! That brings our net cost for Verizon down to about $7. Of course, we’ll have to remember to cancel the Verizon plan before the second month’s bill hits.

If you’re new to TopCashBack (or if you know someone who would be!), you can even get an additional $20 bonus just for signing up. This would turn the Verizon plan into a ~$13 money maker on its own.

The main thing to remember when using TCB is that you’ll want to disable any ad blockers you have to ensure your purchase gets detected and your cash back gets credited.

Port to Mint Mobile

Now we need to port that number to a new Mint Mobile account (for our kid, of course). The cheapest plan will be 3 months at $15 a pop, making it $45 plus some fees.

We can’t use a cash back portal here because we need to use the $100 referral link from our original/main Mint Mobile account. Did you get that? Remember to use the referral link! And again, we’ll probably want to cancel this plan before the second payment comes due.

And that’s about it. Before long, we should get our sweet, sweet $100 credit. Mint claims it should take 15 days after the new line is activated.

Maximize the Deal

If we really want to squeeze some extra juice out of this, we can try to actually use some of the service we’re buying. For instance, I’ve been hoping to test out Verizon on my phone anyway. Now I get to do that for free for a few days with this new Verizon plan before I port the number to Mint.

In addition, see what you can do with the 3 months of Mint Mobile service that you’ll have to buy for $45. It may take some creativity or involve a friend, but I bet someone will figure out something useful.

The Actual Deal

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll walk away with $100 in Mint Mobile credit for a net cost of about $40 or $60, depending on whether or not we’re new to TopCashBack. This means our profit will be about $60 or $40, respectively. And we’ll have a few months of wireless service on a new number to fool around with too.

Not bad! Good luck out there, dealers.

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